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Second Sunday in Lent (attend Mass) -  Intent: Control of Speech. Read Luke 6:41-45.  

Monday.  We often find it all too easy to be critical of others.  Does being critical make us feel better
about ourselves?  Remember our Lord’s words about
removing the “log” from our own eye before
trying to remove the “splinter” from the eye of another.  What “logs” obscure our own vision?  Reread
Luke 6:41-45

Tuesday.  The New Year’s resolution to lose some weight has come and gone, and the extra ten
pounds are still there.  What happened?  The best intentions come to naught without a plan to achieve
them.  Now that you have resolved to make some changes during Lent, write down
a specific plan to
achieve them.  Sometimes it helps to announce your intended changes to a friend, who can give you support
and encouragement.

Wednesday.  It’s easy to talk about our priorities in life.  The hard part is demonstrating our
commitment to those priorities by actually spending time on them.  What do you believe is important to
you?  Now, look at your calendar for the last month or so.  How much time did you actually spend
what’s most important

Thursday.  Take a look at the list you made yesterday, and the analysis of your calendar.  You may
have been surprised at how little time you spent doing the things you say matter the most.  Resolve to
devote more time and attention to your priorities, and don’t forget to make a plan to actually
accomplish your resolutions.

Friday.  We all say we love and care for others.  How do we demonstrate this love and caring?  
Reevaluate how you put your words into action, and plan today to
show someone your love.

Saturday.  Check in with yourself again.  What have you done this week to put words into actions?

Third Sunday in Lent (attend Mass) - Intent: Understanding and Compassion.  
Read John 8:3-11.  

Monday.  The gospels tell us about Christ saving a woman, caught in adultery, from death by stoning.  
Reread John 8:3–11.   What does this story tell us about His capacity for
understanding, compassion
and forgiveness
?  What can we do to better follow Christ’s example?

Tuesday. Read Matthew 25:35–40.  Reflect on your feelings for the least of God’s children.

Wednesday. We all harbor biases or grudges against certain types of people.  What are yours?  
Identify a person or a group of people that you have hard feelings toward.  Think about what you could do
bridge the gap of misunderstanding that usually lies below such hard feelings.

Thursday.  How can you strengthen Christ’s love, compassion, and justice in your church family?  
How can you reach out to someone you don’t know well, or perhaps from whom you’ve been estranged?  
Think of a way to
reach out to someone, and plan to act on it this Sunday.

Friday.  Do you sometimes find it easier to forgive others than to forgive yourself?  Think about
those things that make you feel bad.  Do they remind you of a difficult time in your life? Do they remind
you of a perceived failure or weakness?  Resolve to discuss these feelings with your pastor.  Confession is
good for the soul – reveal your feelings of inadequacy, and begin now to free yourself from their grasp.

Saturday.  Check in with yourself – Lent is now half over.  What have you learned?  What changes
have you made to ideas or habits?  What has been the most difficult change, and why has it been so difficult?

Fourth Sunday in Lent (attend Mass) - Intent: Spiritual Refreshment.  Read John 6:3-14.   

Monday.  No one stands outside God’s sphere of influence, and everything reveals His power.  Reflect
on those things that most strongly reveal
God’s presence to you.  How can you spend more time with
Him in these ways?

Tuesday.  Everyone qualifies for God’s love – absolutely everyone.  Often God’s love reveals itself
through the loving actions of others.  Think back to a time when you felt most loved.  From where did this
love come, and from whom, and in what ways?  How can you use this memory to refresh yourself?  More
importantly, how can you share it with others?

Wednesday.  Someone you know feels less than worthy in God’s eyes, or in the eyes of others.  How
can you bring some
refreshing spiritual water to the desert of their silent despair?

Thursday.  Perform the act of service you decided upon yesterday.

Friday.  Open yourself to receiving God’s eternal spiritual refreshment.  Plan to spend some time
alone this weekend, in silent prayer and meditation, receiving the gift of time alone with God.

Saturday.  Check in once again with yourself.  Will you spend time alone today in prayer and
meditation, or will you do it tomorrow?

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