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Fifth Sunday in Lent (Passion Sunday) (attend Mass)  -  Intent: Humility.  Read Luke

Monday.  Reflect on that rare quality known as humility.  How can you avoid exalting yourself over
others, while still recognizing the special gifts God has given you?

Tuesday.  Read Psalm 51:1-12.  What parts of you must die to better hear God’s message of joy
and gladness?

Wednesday.  Find joy in serving others.  Christ washed his disciples’ feet – the ultimate act of
humility in His time.  How can you humble yourself before others?  Perhaps you can cook a meal or do a
chore for someone you love.

Thursday.  Humbling ourselves often means letting go of our egos, our resentments, and our false
pride.  Think of someone with whom you have had a disagreement, or even harsh words.  Resolve today to
reconcile yourself with them by setting aside your ego, humbling yourself, and making amends.

Friday.  Jesus was tempted by power, by His own needs, and by an invitation to serve another
master.  We often face the same
temptations.  What kind of power over others do you seek, or already
have?  Which of your own self-centered needs separate you from others, or from God?  Do you find
yourself tempted to serve other masters?  Can you humbly admit your own temptations?  How can you
best resist them?

Saturday.  Check in once again with yourself.  How has your practice changed?  What have you
learned about yourself and
your faith?

Sunday Next Before Easter (Palm Sunday) (attend Mass)  - Read Matthew 21:1-11.    

Monday.  Reflect on Jesus’s humble entrance into Jerusalem, which mocked worldly triumph and
.  His response to the suffering of the world was not to retreat from it, but to participate in it.  In
what ways do we ignore the suffering of others, while reaching for personal success?

Tuesday.  Think about how wealth and material possessions separate us from others, and even from
the better angels of our own natures.  We live in separate worlds, divided by wealth.  Which world did
Jesus choose?  What can you do to heal the separations caused by the growing
wealth gap between the
rich and the poor?

Wednesday. Continuing yesterday’s reflection, think about some tangible way of reaching across
economic boundaries
.  Many of our neighbors are less fortunate than we are, often through
circumstances beyond their control. How can you do more to participate, like Jesus, in the life of those who
seem to have missed out on our current economic boom?

Maundy Thursday (attend Mass).  Read Luke 22:14–19.  Reflect on the Latin origin of the word
“maundy” –
mandate, or “command.”  What did Jesus command us to do at the Last Supper?  How can
you fulfil His wish?  

Good Friday (attend Mass).  Jesus suffered on the cross, and even now He continues to participate
in the suffering of others
.  How can you help bear the suffering of others, not for the sake of suffering
itself, but for the benefit of your community?

Holy Saturday (attend Mass).  Today marks a special place in Christ’s journey, a place between the
cross of suffering and the empty tomb of Resurrection.  Find some quiet time for reflection today, and offer
thanks to God for His help in maintaining your practice.  Think about which aspects of your Lenten
practice you will carry beyond the season of Lent, into your daily routine.

EASTER SUNDAY (attend Mass).  Greet each other with the words “Christ is risen!”
Reply with “He is risen, indeed!”  Rejoice in the knowledge that, just as Christ rose to
eternal life, so, too, will we!  

This Lenten Calendar owes a great debt to “The Joy of Discipleship – a 40-Day Lenten Calendar,” published
by Alternatives, PO Box 429, Ellenwood, GA 30049.

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